BREATHE in Colombia is the umbrella initiative by Convivencia Productiva to promote mindfulness in Colombia through its targeted sub-programs. It seeks to be a model and living example of mindfulness practice, counting on a highly-trained and dedicated team that shares a common vision of contributing to wellbeing and peacebuilding in all sectors of society.

The members of our team have had the opportunity to train with internationally recognized organizations and experts, including Saki Santorelli and Bob Stahl (University of Massachusetts Medical School), Allan Goldstein, Allan Barboza and Trish Magyari (University of California), Steve Flowers (The Mindful Living Programs), Megan Cowan, Chris McKenna and Vinny Ferraro (Mindful Schools), and Amy Saltzman (Still Quiet Place), among others. We also have the support of several experts in the field such as Kimberly Schonert-Reichl (University of British Columbia), Patricia Jennings (University of Virginia), Susan Kaiser-Greenland (Inner Kids) and Deborah Schoeberlein.

Our programs in Education, Community, Businesses and for the general public have reached more than 22,000 children, youth and adults in the last three years.

Management Team

Team of Facilitators and Professionals